my parents definitely did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here i am

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The only person you can legally hit in the United States is a child.

Hit your partner, and you’ll be arrested for domestic violence. Hit another adult, and you’ll be arrested for assault. But hit a 4-year-old, and you can call yourself a “loving father”. That’s completely screwed up.

It should be against the law for a fully grown adult to slap, hit, spank, punch, switch, whoop, whip, paddle, kick or belt a defenseless child in the name of discipline. But it is legal, and new research in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that the average 4-year-old is hit 936 times a year.

If study after study conclusively proves that hitting your kids doesn’t work as a disciplinary method, and worse, it has long-term damaging impact to their psychology and makes your kids more aggressive, why do we as a society allow it?

- Mel Robbins, "Spanking Isn’t Parenting; It’s Child Abuse" (via holygoddamnshitballs)

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  • According to the calendar: LGBTQ History Month, Disability Pride Month (basically), [add more when you reblog]
  • According to tumblr: EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN!!!!!


All us white autistics need to shut up and sit down when it comes to the experiences of autistic people of colour and most importantly we need to listen, yes some concepts might be confusing but please try and understand, because for gods sake people of colour have had to learn it all and so should we.

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my favorite college experience is when i had a 7am class and the kid next to me literally poured a monster energy drink into his coffee said “i’m going to die” and drank the whole thing

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i think removing ableist language from your vocabulary is essential, but if you’re just continuing to do shit like linking intelligence to worth, or using intelligence-based insults, then, honestly, what is the point

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